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金融援助 at Fay - What You Need to Know


为你的孩子支付私立学校的教育费用是你为孩子的未来所做的最重要的投资之一. Here at Fay, we're committed to making a Fay education accessible to 每一个人 and to building a community of learners from diverse economic backgrounds.

为此, 2022-23学年, Fay将为每个级别的合格申请者提供超过400万美元的经济资助. Financial aid awards are grants that do not need to be repaid. These grants are dependent on each family’s need, and they range from 5% to 95% of the cost of tuition. 在任何情况下, Fay与每个家庭密切合作,确保合格的学生能够接受Fay的教育. 



  • 经济援助是如何运作的?

    为了有资格获得学费援助,家庭必须证明有经济上的需要. 经济援助奖励以助学金的形式发放,在家庭经济能力范围内对学费进行折扣. 财政援助基金可以帮助支付一些超出学杂费范围的学校开支. Families are not required to repay these grants.
  • 如何确定需求?

    学校和学生服务(SSS)通过使用一个公式来确定需求,该公式考虑了家庭经济状况的所有方面, including but not limited to both parents’ incomes (taxable and non-taxable), 的家属, number of children attending tuition-charging schools, 生活费用, 父母的年龄, 退休, 医疗费用, 还有债务和不寻常的开支. Because a family’s situation may change from year to year, families must re-apply for financial aid each school year. Fay致力于确保入学的家庭(继续有资格获得经济援助)在其就读期间获得资助.
  • Where do the financial aid grants come from?

    All financial aid grants come directly from 费伊学校; they do not come from outside sources or foundations (such as the federal Pell Grant that is awarded to college students). 费伊学校坚定地致力于使费伊教育惠及尽可能多的家庭, and for the 2022-2023 school year, we will award over $4 million in need-based financial aid. 这些资金来自本学年的收入和专门用于财政援助的捐赠基金.
  • Will I receive the same grant next year?

    If your financial situation stays the same from year to year, you can assume that your financial aid grant will be roughly the same. 当bet36365官网每年颁发补助金时, our returning students take priority: we review their applications first, and then we review new applicants.
  • What if I haven’t done my taxes yet?

    你应该可以在1月15日之前提交申请,使用12月31日之前的工资存根和前一年的纳税申报表. If you are applying for aid for Fall 2022, you should submit your complete 2020 federal tax return documents (Form 1040 and W2s, 然后你应该在2月15日前提交2021年联邦纳税申报单. bet36365官网知道,这大大早于4月15日的联邦税务申报截止日期, 但是bet36365官网会在3月10日提供经济援助信息,所以你需要在那个日期之前提供文件.
  • 如果我错过了最后期限怎么办?

    Because we receive many applications for financial aid by the January 15 deadline, it is significantly harder to receive aid if you apply later, simply because funds have already been disbursed. 在极少数情况下, bet36365官网已经能够与家庭合作,在最后期限后安排经济援助, 但bet36365官网强烈鼓励所有家庭遵守截止日期,以便获得最有力的申请.
  • What are the tuition payment options?

    Your first payment is your enrollment deposit, which is 10% of the tuition due minus any financial aid award you receive. This deposit is paid when you submit your enrollment contact to the school, and the deposit amount is credited to your first tuition bill. 然后家长有三种选择来支付他们的学费余额:在重新入学时全额支付学费, to pay in two installments before the st艺术 of school, or to pay in ten monthly installments.


步骤1:访问 父母' Financial Statement (PFS) at, and submit the completed form to SSS by mail or online. 要求将成绩发送到Fay(学校代码3130),并要求提供一份你自己的记录.

步骤2: Send or upload a signed copy of your tax forms from the past year to SSS, along with supporting schedules and a copy of your W-2 form. 父母 filing separately should each submit their tax information. 个体经营者的父母应提交营业税申报单以及SSS提供的营业/农场报表.
Fay's 金融援助 Committee鼓励家长使用PFS底部的“附加意见”部分来扩展PFS中输入的信息, if doing so will provide more complete information about the family's financial need.

请注意,在离婚或分居的情况下,父母双方的资产都被考虑. 托管父母和非托管父母都必须填写PFS并提交税务文件. 当父母再婚时, 继父母的资产也被视为一种资源,应列入PFS. 请注意,您在经济援助申请中提交的所有信息将严格保密.

Please read the PFS instructions carefully before signing, 请注意,在准备PFS或信件时,迟交或遗漏的表格可能会危及你的家人获得或续签奖项的机会.


bet36365官网保证满足所有被费伊录取的来自南区的合格学生的充分证明的需求. Please contact the 入学 Office at 为更多的细节.

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