The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA


Fay students learn how to lead.

It’s important to learn the art of l我hip, which includes thinking strategically, 建立共识, 被包容, and showing poise and confidence.
We begin planting the seeds for l我hip in the earliest years, by giving students in our Primary and 较低的学校 divisions numerous opportunities to practice l我hip skills. They work collaboratively in small groups—such as when first graders research different penguins species and create presentations for their classmates. They lead their peers—such as when the sixth graders coordinate discussion groups for the third, 第四, and fifth graders as part of the 较低的学校’s “One School, 一本书”研究. And they practice speaking in front of classmates and teachers in structured, 支持设置, in all-school meetings and as part of the public speaking program that begins in grade three.
As the oldest students at Fay, bet36365官网的第七, 第八, and ninth graders become the l我 of our school, among their peers as well as for the younger students in the Primary and 较低的学校. As role models in the classroom, on the playing field, 在宿舍, and as part of our schoolwide Color Competition, students learn how to rally their peers, 领导一个团队, and see a project through to completion.
Our 幼儿园-ninth grade structure enables our middle school-aged students to take on l我hip roles that would normally fall to upperclassmen in a 7-12 or 9-12 school setting. Our students learn l我hip by actually leading—and by the time they graduate, they’re equipped with an invaluable life skill that will serve them well in secondary school and beyond.

上学校 领导 Opportunities

监考 are selected in a rigorous process and participate in training at the beginning of the school year. 登机 Student 监考 help dorm parents with residential life, making the dorms a safe and welcoming home for all. Day Student 监考 monitor mid-morning snack, help serve at family-style lunches, and are called upon to lead some class activities.

学生会L are elected by their peers at the begining of the year; Fay's Student Council includes a president, 副总统, and three grade-level representatives from grades 7, 8, 和9. Student Council members plan grade-level events and make proposals to benefit the entire 上学校.
颜色的团队 Presidents and 颜色的团队 Officers are elected to run the 颜色的团队 Competition and to boost school spirit throughout the year.
入学 Ambassadors work closely with the Office of 入学 and represent the School to visiting families and prospective students. Ambassadors lead campus tours, host students for day visits, and sometimes accompany admission officers to school fairs and presentations at other schools.
Other l我hip roles for 上学校 students include: 
- Representatives at the Student Diversity 领导 Conference at PoCC (annual People of Color Conference)
- Primary and 较低的学校 helpers
- Discussion l我 for Community Connections (a group that addresses issues of diversity and inclusion at Fay and in the greater community)
- Green Squad (recycling)
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admission 508-490-8201