The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA


Fay is organized into three divisions:

小学 (幼儿园 through grade two)
较低的学校 (grades three through six)
上学校 (grades seven through nine)

在每一个部门, teachers work closely across grades and across disciplines to create a rich program that teaches foundational skills while also supporting critical thinking and creativity. Fay teachers believe in making learning "serious fun" - engaging, 有意义的, 真实的, and appropriately challenging.

Fay’s traditional curriculum is 平衡 with an innovative focus on creativity and design in every discipline. 在每一个年级, students p艺术icipate in classes where students are challenged to identify problems, 创造性思考, and iterate and test solutions. Many of these classes take place in 费伊学校’s 创新实验室, a 3,000 square-foot lab space with dedicated spaces for designing, fabrication, and tinkering. Over the course of their time at Fay, students create projects that incorporate a range of graphic medium and materials, 包括CAD / CAM, 电子产品, 机器人控制, 木, 金属, 塑料, 纸张和纺织品. In Primary and 较低的学校, the 创造力 and Design curriculum is integrated across the disciplines. In 上学校, the 创造力 and Design program is formalized as a series of standalone classes:
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