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Creativity and 设计 Program

Groundbreaking on New Center for Creativity & 设计: Summer 2021

In June 2021, Fay School broke ground on a new Center for Creativity and 设计, which is expected to open to students in grades K-9 in the fall of 2022.
这个最先进的,两层,7000平方英尺的设施将是bet36365官网创意的中心 & 设计 program and will be located in the center of Fay’s campus, in the current location of the Root Meeting Room, overlooking Harlow Circle. 
Fay目前的创意和设计项目是创新实验室, which was retrofitted into four small, cramped classrooms on the edge of campus in 2013. While Fay’s design thinking curriculum (focused on an empathy-based, 以解决问题为导向的方法)将bet36365官网与其他学校明显地区别开来, 创新实验室的局限性限制了bet36365官网实现这个项目的巨大潜力.
The new CC&D will:
  • provide double the square footage of the current Innovation Lab;
  • include modular, user-friendly spaces that are well-lit, soundproofed, 专门为学生和教师提供创造性解决问题的装备;
  • 功能复杂的工具,使学生的创意和设计的现实,和
  • position creativity and design at the he艺术 of Fay’s campus, 促进教师之间的合作,并加强设计思维作为bet36365官网学术项目的一个组成部分.

Watch: Animated Video Tour of Center for Creativity & 设计

    • The Center for Creativity & 设计

Student and 校友 Voices

    • Student and 校友 Voices - Creativity and 设计 at Fay

Learning on the Leading Edge: Fay's Creativity and 设计 Program


Originally developed at Stanford University’s (the Institute of 设计), design thinking offers an empathy-based, solution-oriented approach to solving problems. The process focuses on identifying and understanding the problem, generating and testing solutions, soliciting feed回来, and making revisions, in a constant cycle of improvement.

像设计师一样思考的技能补充了费伊传统课程中经久不衰的技能. Students learn to collaborate with others, think creatively as they generate solutions to problems, and face challenges with ingenuity and resilience.

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Curriculum Overview

Fay’s Creativity and 设计 program spans Kinderg艺术en through grade 9, with a curriculum that builds creative problem-solving skills. In Kinderg艺术en through grade 4, Creativity and 设计 projects are integrated across the disciplines. In grades 5-9, 创意与设计课程是系内课程的正式形式,是每个学生每周课程安排的一部分.
Principles of 设计   Principles of 设计 classes meet once per rotation in grades 5 and 6. 本课程介绍了基础概念和技能,准备在高中的创造者课程, including ideation, brainstorming, and iteration; hand drawing and CAD design; logo design; sustainable design; and the relationships between environment, 文化, and design.
Creators Class    In this required course for grades 7 and 8, students learn to design with CAD/CAM systems, explore basic electronics and programming of circuit boards, and do digital fabrication with laser cutters, vinyl cutters, and 3D printing technologies.
Advanced 3D 设计   这门九年级的选修课被认为是一门完整的学术课程,评分标准与数学核心课程相同, English, science, history, and world languages. Through a series of design challenges, students learn to identify a problem and the target market, generate design specs, and build and test prototypes.Instead of textbooks, students each have their own toolboxes!
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Real-world p艺术nerships.

Each year, our student designers enrolled in our Advanced 3D 设计课程与当地和国家公司的专家合作,参与真实世界的设计项目. Students are presented with design briefs; then, in collaboration with their mentors, they generate design solutions and make formal presentations. Recent project p艺术ners have included Converse, Bose, Mazda, Barnes & 高贵的, FatFace, and the Savannah College of Art and 设计.

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Creativity & 设计 - Program Highlights

Beebots   Can you problem-solve in more than one language? Our Kinderg艺术eners can! Fay的学生从幼儿园到二年级学习法语和西班牙语,每半年. Kinderg艺术eners practice French numbers and direction words (forward, 回来, 左, 通过编程Beebots(蜜蜂形状的小型机器人)来穿越迷宫. Watch >>
Statistical Servants  Service learning meets creativity and design in this Pre-Algebra project, where seventh graders focus on a specific aspect of poverty, such as homelessness or food insecurity, and then tie data and statistics to an actionable proposal. 最近的一项提议引发了一场罐头食品运动,捐款将流向当地的一家食品银行. Read more >>
Pentominoes  四年级学生使用五边形——由12个多边形组成的一组,每组由5个大小相等的正方形组成——来探索一致性和空间关系, two essential underpinnings of geometry. 学生们使用2D设计软件设计他们自己的五音字谜,并在创新实验室创造他们的字谜. Read more >>
Sunglasses & 声音  高级3D设计的九年级学生与Bose合作设计了一款内置扬声器的太阳镜. 学生们与他们的Bose导师密切合作,阐明他们的设计,然后在Bose总部进行正式的演讲.
E艺术hquake-Proof  This science project, which complements the sixth graders’ study of E艺术h’s structures, challenges students to explore the causes and results of e艺术hquakes. Students design and build balsa-wood towers, test their stability on an e艺术hquake table, and improve their designs.
Wacky Racers  In this hands-on exploration of Newtonian mechanics, second graders use shoeboxes, 字符串, 轮子, weights, 还有大量的日常用品,用来设计和制造可以在斜坡上滑行而不会滑过斜坡边缘的汽车. Read more >>
Clock 设计  Fay third graders use 2D design software to design analog clocks, cut them on the laser cutter, and fit them with hands and motors. The clock themes run the gamut, from a Superbowl clock, to an asteroid hurtling toward e艺术h and even a clock shaped like a chicken! 这些基本的工具帮助学生建立数字感觉和实践计算策略,因为他们解决时间问题. Read more >>
Urban 设计  In Diagnosing the Modern World, 九年级学生接受挑战,为一个世界城市重新设计一个主要的城市系统,如交通或废物管理. 在深入研究之后,学生们创建了一个可视化的解决方案. 最后的演示从创新实验室创建的纸板结构到Minecraft中的虚拟结构. Read more >>
The Perfect Chair  In a p艺术nership project with Barnes & 高贵的, 高级3D设计课程的学生们为一些极具挑战性的客户——费伊自己的一年级学生——设计并制作了舒适的硬纸板椅子! 九年级学生采访学生,了解他们想要的设计特征,然后根据客户的反馈改进他们的原型. Read more >>
“I love Creators Class—it has been one of my most valuable experiences at Fay. I enjoy sharing my passion for design with others, and I’ve learned that it’s not about coming up with one great design. I should generate as many ideas as I can.” – Seventh grader

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