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预定一个砖! 支持Fay的新创意中心 & 设计
今年夏天,Fay的新创意中心破土动工 & 设计, 一座两层楼的, 7,000平方英尺的空间将位于校园中心, 在根会议室的当前位置. This state-of-the-艺术 facility will serve as home to Fay’s 创意及设计课程 for 幼儿园 through Grade 9 beginning in the fall of 2022. Support this exciting project by reserving a brick that will be placed underfoot on the outdoor patio adjacent to the CC&D的入口.

在这个时候, 只有500块砖可用, 每个家庭最多可预订四(4)砖. 你可以用每块250美元的免税捐赠来预订一块砖.


创新中心的奠基仪式 & 设计:2021年夏天

2021年6月, 费伊学校破土动工兴建一个新的创意与设计中心, 预计将于2022年秋季向K-9年级学生开放.
This state-of-the-艺术, two-floor, 7,000 square-foot facility will be the hub of our 创造力 & 设计项目将位于Fay校园的中心, 在根会议室的当前位置, 俯瞰哈洛圆. 
Fay’s current home for our signature 创造力 and 设计 program is the 创新实验室, 哪个被改装成四个小的, 2013年,校园边缘拥挤的教室. 而Fay的设计思维课程(专注于基于移情的, 以解决方案为导向的方法解决问题) clearly distinguishes us from our peer schools, the 创新实验室’s limitations constrain us from achieving the program’s vast potential.
  • 提供现有创新实验室两倍的面积;
  • 包括模块化, 人性化的空间,光线充足, 隔音, 专门为学生和教师提供创造性解决问题的装备;
  • feature sophisticated tools for making students’ creative ideas 和设计s a reality, and
  • 将创意和设计置于Fay校园的核心位置, fostering collaboration among faculty and reinforcing design thinking as an integral component of our academic program.

观看:创意中心动画视频之旅 & 设计

    • 创意中心 & 设计


Hear what current and former Fay students have to say about why they love Fay's 创造力 and 设计 program and how it has inspired them in their work after Fay.
    • 学生和校友的声音-创意和设计在Fay


Fay’s 创造力 and 设计 curriculum challenges students to employ a powerful approach known as design thinking as they delve into hands-on projects that foster creativity and deepen understanding across subject areas.

最初是由斯坦福大学的d.学校(设计院), 设计思维提供了一种基于移情的思维, 以解决方案为导向的方法解决问题. 这个过程的重点是识别和理解问题, 生成和测试解决方案, 征求反馈, 和修正, 在一个不断改进的循环中.

The skills involved in thinking like a designer complement the enduring skills that are p艺术 of Fay’s traditional curriculum. 学生学习与他人合作, 解决问题时要有创造性地思考, 用智慧和韧性面对挑战.

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Fay的创意与设计课程涵盖幼儿园到九年级, 通过课程培养创造性的解决问题的技能. 从幼儿园到四年级, 创意和设计项目是跨学科整合的. 5 - 9年级, the 创造力 and 设计 program is formalized in dep艺术mental courses that are p艺术 of each student’s weekly schedule.
设计的原则   设计原则班在五年级和六年级轮流上课一次. The course introduces foundational concepts and skills in preparation for Creators courses in 上学校, 包括构想, 头脑风暴, and iteration; hand drawing and CAD design; logo design; sustainable design; and the relationships between environment, 文化, 和设计.
创建者类    本课程为七年级和八年级必修课, 学生学习使用CAD/CAM系统进行设计, 探索电路板的基本电子学和编程, 用激光切割机进行数字化加工, 乙烯基刀具, 3D打印技术.
先进的三维设计   This ninth-grade elective is considered a full academic course and is graded on the same scale as the core courses of math, 英语, 科学, 历史, 和世界语言. 通过一系列的设计挑战, 学生学习识别问题和目标市场, 生成设计规格, 建立和测试原型.除了教科书,每个学生都有自己的工具箱!
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每年,bet36365官网的设计师学生都参加bet36365官网的高级3D课程 设计 class engage in real-world design projects in p艺术nership with experts at local and national companies. Students are presented with design briefs; then, 与导师合作, 他们生成设计解决方案,并进行正式的演示. 最近的项目合作伙伴包括匡威、Bose、马自达和Barnes & 诺布尔,胖脸,还有萨凡纳艺术设计学院.

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设计ed to Impress: P艺术nerships with Mazda and Bose
适合孩子:巴恩斯 & 高贵的挑战

创造力 & 设计-项目亮点

Beebots   你能用一种以上的语言解决问题吗? bet36365官网的幼儿园小朋友! Fay students in 幼儿园 through grade two study French and Spanish, each for half of the year. 幼儿园小朋友练习法语数字和方向单词(前进, 回来, 左, 通过编程Beebots(蜜蜂形状的小型机器人)来穿越迷宫. Watch >>
统计的仆人  在这个预备代数项目中,服务学习与创造力和设计相结合, 哪里的七年级学生关注贫困的一个具体方面, 例如无家可归或粮食不安全, 然后将数据和统计数据与可行的建议联系起来. One recent proposal led to a canned food drive, with the donations going to a local food bank. Read more >>
五格拼板  Fourth graders use pentominoes—sets of twelve polygon pieces each composed of five equal-sized squares—to explore congruence and spatial relationships, 几何学的两个基本基础. Students design their own pentomino puzzles using 2D design software and create their puzzles in the 创新实验室. Read more >>
太阳镜 & 声音  Ninth graders in 先进的三维设计 p艺术nered with Bose on a project to design sunglasses with built-in speakers. Students worked closely with their Bose mentors to 艺术iculate their designs and then made formal presentations 回来 at Bose headqu艺术ers. Read more >>
防震  这个科学项目, 补充了六年级学生对地球结构的研究, 挑战学生探索地震的原因和结果. 学生设计和建造轻木塔, 在地震台上测试它们的稳定性, 改进他们的设计.
古怪的赛车手  在牛顿力学的实践探索中, 二年级学生使用鞋盒, 字符串, 轮子, 权重, and a host of everyday supplies to design and build cars that can roll up a ramp without going over the edge. Read more >>
时钟的设计  三年级学生Fay使用2D设计软件设计模拟时钟, 用激光切割机切割, 给它们装上手和马达. 时钟主题运行的色域, 从超级碗的时钟上, 一颗冲向地球的小行星,甚至一只鸡形的钟! These essential tools help students build number sense and practice computation strategies as they solve time problems. Read more >>
城市设计  在诊断现代世界, ninth graders take on the challenge of redesigning a major urban system—such as transportation or waste management—for a world city. After in-depth research, students create a visual representation of their solution to the problem. Final presentations range from cardboard structures created in the 创新实验室 to virtual structures in Minecraft. Read more >>
完美的椅子  和巴恩斯的合作项目 & 高贵的, students in 先进的三维设计 designed and built comfortable cardboard chairs for some extremely challenging clients—Fay’s own first graders! Ninth graders interviewed students to learn about desired design features and then improved their prototypes based on client feed回来. Read more >>
“我喜欢创造者课程——这是我在Fay最宝贵的经历之一. 我喜欢和别人分享我对设计的热情, 我明白了,这不是一个伟大的设计. 我应该想出尽可能多的点子.——七年级学生