幼儿园- 9年级在Southborough, MA


你孩子的健康和健康是最重要的. Fay卫生办公室向学生提供卫生领域的直接护理, 营养, 卫生和全面健康教育. Members of the 卫生办公室 工作人员 are trained healthcare professionals who are available throughout the school day, 对寄宿学生来说,晚上和周末也是如此.

The 卫生办公室 facility includes four overnight rooms for 寄宿学生 and an examination room.

Our registered nurses work under the supervision of a local doctor and have access to hospitals in the Boston and Worcester areas. 卫生办公室 communications to parents are issued as needed to alert the community of instances of preventable health issues and 麻萨诸塞州 Dep艺术ment of 健康 advisories. 
Fay与Magnus 健康 SMR(学生医疗记录)合作,提供一个安全的, 基于网络的, 学生医疗信息管理系统. 当家长登录MyFay时,就可以访问马格努斯健康门户. Please log in to your MyFay parent account and go to 资源 to access the Magnus 健康 Portal.



  • 我怎样才能得到我孩子的医疗记录?

    从费伊学校获取您孩子受保护的健康记录, 请通过电话877-461-6831或电子邮件联系Magnus 健康 SMR客户支持 service@magnushealthportal.com.
  • 什么时候我应该让孩子不上学?

    Children who are sick cannot perform well at school and will likely spread illness to other children and 工作人员. 请不要送您的孩子去学校,如果他或她有:
    • 过去24小时高烧100度或更高
    • 过去24小时内有呕吐
    • 过去24小时腹泻
    • 链球菌性喉炎. Children must have been taking antibiotics for at least 24 hours before returning to school.
    • 重感冒,包括流鼻涕或严重的咳嗽, 特别是如果这些症状使孩子晚上睡不着
    • 头虱
    • 皮疹
    • 流行性感冒. Children must have been using antibiotic eye drops for 24 hours (which includes 4 doses) before returning to school
    • 如果您的孩子接触过COVID-19病毒.
    If a child becomes ill at school and the teacher or school nurse feels he or she is too sick to benefit from staying at school or may be contagious to other children, 家长将被呼叫并被要求接走他们的孩子.
  • 我如何帮助防止细菌的传播?

    Please remind children of the following simple precautions that reduce the spread of germs:
    • Cover your coughs and sneezes into a tissue or the inside of your elbow, not into your bare hands.
    • 避免触摸眼睛、鼻子和嘴巴.
    • 经常洗手,特别是在咳嗽或打喷嚏后.
    • 如果你生病了,特别是发烧了,就呆在家里.
    父母, 请评估儿童是否有流感样症状, 如果孩子生病了,让他们呆在家里, 如果需要的话,请咨询儿科医生.
  • 如果学生在学校生病了该怎么办?

    生病的学生被带到费伊的卫生办公室. If a student is too ill to return to class or the dorm, he or she will remain in the 卫生办公室. 父母 of day students will be contacted and asked to take them home or to their family doctor. 登机 students may remain under observation in one of the overnight rooms and if necessary will be taken to Fay’s local doctor for further examination. 
  • 如何给学生用药?

    所有学生的药物, 其中包括处方, 非处方药, 和草药补充剂, 必须交给卫生办公室吗. 处方药将由Fay的一名护理人员管理.
  • 卫生办公室手上有什么药啊?

    卫生办公室备有各种非处方药,如泰诺, 艾德维尔, 苯那君, and multiple cough and cold medications which may be administered if parent permission to do so is indicated on the 健康 Form.
  • 卫生办公室什么时候开门?

    Our 卫生办公室 is open and 工作人员ed to meet the needs of our boarding and day students:

    星期一-星期五:7:00 a.m. 通过10 p.m.
    星期六至星期日:上午10:00.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
    随叫随到的护士在周末下午四点之间有空.m. 和10点p.m.



  • 为寄宿学生提供的健康服务

    为了满足寄宿学生的需要,卫生办公室延长了上课时间. 这个办公室一周七天都有人工作, 当办公室关闭时,护士随时待命.

    如果寄宿学生在夜间生病, they should contact their dorm parent on duty who will contact the on-call registered nurse if needed. 在常规时间, 寄宿学生 who are feeling ill should go to the 卫生办公室 and may remain for observation and to rest if recommended to do so by the nursing 工作人员. If appropriate, 寄宿学生 may remain under observation in one of the overnight rooms. 如果有必要,你的孩子将被带到Fay当地的医生那里做进一步的检查. We will notify parents if their child is ill for more than a day or has required a visit to the doctor.

  • 寄宿学生的健康保险要求

    All 寄宿学生 must have proof of acceptable health insurance coverage before arriving on campus in September. 
    Students must provide the name of the carrier and policy number that insures the student on or before June 15, 2020. 
    International students will be required to p艺术icipate in the school's International Student 健康 Insurance Plan at a cost of $2,除非在6月15日前提供可接受承保范围的证明, 2020.

    请按此下载学校健康保险计划 国际 寄宿学生.
  • 2019冠状病毒病的医疗保险

    登机 student health insurance provided by United 健康Care includes symptomatic testing and treatment for COVID-19. 请点击这里阅读详细的覆盖率概述.
  • 医疗服务提供者的联系信息

    万宝路正畸-博士. 瑜珈陈
    电子邮件: mao@wowdentalgroup.com
    父母/guardians must contact the office in order to establish billing prior to the first appointment
    父母/guardians must contact the office in order to establish billing prior to having prescriptions filled.
  • 接受U名单.S. 保险公司

    寄宿家庭的孩子有U.S. medical insurance coverage should review the list of insurance carriers that our medical provider, 查尔斯河医疗协会, 会接受. 如果您的承运人不在名单上,您应该购买学校的保险. 查尔斯河医疗协会接受以下保险公司:
    • 安泰/ U.S. 医疗保健
    • 蓝十字蓝盾/ HMOBlue
    • 蒸气/ Tricare
    • 信诺
    • 李兵
    • Fallon社区健康计划
    • 哈佛朝圣者医疗
    • 医疗保险
    • 塔夫茨大学医疗保险优先
    • 塔夫茨HMO /总
    • Unicare /新加坡政府投资公司
    • 联合保健(美国退休人员协会计划)
  • 为寄宿学生提供流感疫苗

    Seasonal flu vaccine will be given to all 寄宿学生 unless a parent requests otherwise. We feel strongly that students living in such close proximity to each other are at a high risk for spreading this contagious virus. bet36365官网将在秋季进行宿舍管理.
  • 看医生

    父母 of boarding are strongly encouraged to schedule routine health care for their children while at home.
    牙科, 物理治疗, orthodontic and chiropractic services can be arranged by Fay with a local provider if required. The school’s 卫生办公室 driver will transport students who need medical services off campus, 费用将记在学生的账上.



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